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iperf - network test Program Benchmarks. System Stability Tester - CPU burning, memory testing and benchmarking utility.

Benchmarking - Benchmarking Linux with Sysbench, FIO, Ioping...

The dd utility is really not useful as a benchmarking tool, but it is an excellent tool to use to break in SSDs before you run a real benchmark like FIO or Sysbench :) I like to run dd at least 5 times, each time writing to the SSD until it's full.

How To Benchmark Your System (CPU, File IO, MySQL) With sysbench

:~# sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=20000 run sysbench 0.4.12: multi-threaded system evaluation benchmark.

Building the STH 2013 Linux CPU Benchmarking Test Suite

There are absolutely tons of Linux benchmarks available. At the same time, benchmarking CPU performance in Linux is a bit tricky because oftentimes the

performance - CPU benchmarking utility for Linux - Ask Ubuntu

My son mainly uses the PC for playing TF2 (which I am trying to still get working under Linux) and I

Linux Stress Testing and Benchmarking | Forum

ltp - the Linux Test Project benchmark suite.

1. CPU Benchmark and stress testing

Benchmarking and stress testing a Linux system with Simple command line tools. measure CPU performance, disk I/O , network speed testing and OpenSSL benchmark.

GNU/Linux Benchmarking - Practical aspects

A CPU benchmark suite, reporting CPU/cache/memory , integer and floating-point performance. Again, this test originated at BYTE magazine. Uwe did the port to Linux, and recently improved the reporting part of the test.

linux - How can I benchmark my HDD? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

References. How to use 'dd' to benchmark your disk or CPU?

Single Board Computer Benchmarks -

For the majority of the benchmarks, we rely on a few tests within the Phoronix Test Suite (PTS), which is a free, open-source benchmarking tool for Linux (other operating systems are supported).

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