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cscope: Cscope error: cscope: cannot read list size from file...


Description: I created the cscope database "cscope.out" using the command "cscope -b -R". The file ~/.vim/plugin/cscope_maps.vim contains the command "cs add cscope.out" to add the cscope database. When I try to open one of the source files, I get the error mentioned above.

cscope(1): interactively examine C program - Linux man page


cscope.out. Symbol cross-reference file (overridden by the -f option), which is put in the home directory if it cannot be created in the current directory.

cscope: Cscope error: cscope: cannot read list size from file...


cscope cannot open file cscope.out.

cscope / Bugs / #247 cscope: cannot find file


I've done further investigation and using the strace utility I've found out (a small snippet from a strace's output): ... stat("FILE_NAME", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=0, ...}) = 0 open("FILE_NAME", O_RDONLY)

Vim - General - how to update cscope.out automatically ?


After I have modified source files, I need to update cscope.out file by run "cscope -b -R" on shell then do ":cs reset" in vim.

Discussion about the eVIl one | Re: error while adding cscope database


cygdrive/c/usr dir/mpm]$ cscope.exe -q -R -b. and i open my gvim and cd to mpm directory and issue this

How To Integrate Emacs & Cscope To Browse Linux Kernel Source...


Irrespective of the method the database file named cscope.out will be created.

Vim, Ctags and Cscope | Let's Talk Gyan


sudo apt-get install cscope. Now open/create a “.vimrc” file in you home directory using

cscope / Bugs / #247 cscope: cannot find file


cscope cannot open file cscope.out.

Cscope - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia


Tip 1638 Printable Monobook Previous Next. created 2009 · complexity basic · author Tonymec · version 6.2. Cscope is a very powerful interface allowing you to easily navigate C-like code files. While Cscope comes with its own stand-alone interface...

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