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How to Cut a Privet Hedge. Privet (Ligustrum), comes in many varieties: Japanese, Chinese, common, California Privet (Ligutrum vulgare) or Golden (Ligustrum ovafolium "Aureum") are the most common. All are deciduous shrubs, losing their leaves in winter.

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Last Xmas, I planted three new Privet plants (3 feet high) to fill a metre gap in a long established Privet hedge.

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Cut at the right time Most hedging plants respond to trimming at the right time with vigorous new growth. For example Privet produces lots of tiny leaf

Privet Hedges and how to renovate Privets by cutting them back

Q. I have a small, very old, privet hedge that needs to be renovated by cutting it back severely.

Pruning privet hedges

Rather than Pruning privet hedges, you carve the privet hedge with an electric trimmer. This means you can curve it around trees, or make curves just for the fun of it.

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I am concerned that it will kill the hedge but don't really have much choice. Does anyone have experience of cutting back a privet hedge in early December. I just wonder how a privet hedge will cope with such a severe cut in winter?

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When Should You Cut A Privet Hedge

And looked carefully at every little hole in the privet hedge the garment was very low cut, solving problems analytically and creati so in a

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Hi, I have a LOT of Privet hedge, I cut it a few times a year but it takes an age to do. I'm wondering when is the earliest I can cut is so that it will maintain shape over winter (stopped growing). and I wont have to cut it again till next year?

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For mature privet hedges, cut back to an inch past where new growth starts. Newly planted privets can be trained by cutting back 3 inches for

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