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  1. cutting privet hedge in winter

    • How to Cut a Privet Hedge. Privet (Ligustrum), comes in many varieties: Japanese, Chinese, common, California Privet (Ligutrum vulgare) or Golden (Ligustrum ovafolium "Aureum") are the most common. All are deciduous shrubs, losing their leaves in winter.


  2. How to Cut a Privet Hedge | eHow

    • All are deciduous shrubs, losing their leaves in winter. Privet grows 4 to 15 feet tall with a spread of 4 to 8 feet if left uncut, or it can be shaped into a
    • Informal hedges are low maintenance. You only have to maintain by cutting out dead branches in late spring. Keep loppers and shears sharp and oiled.


  3. Can you trim back Privets | Privet Hedge pruning

    • Q. I have a small, very old, privet hedge that needs to be renovated by cutting it back severely.
    • It also minimizes snow load in the winter that can push stems apart and create “holes” in a neatly sheared hedge.


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    • Privet Hedge - Cold Winter Survival They didn't even drop their leaves, nor this year either.
    • Cut out one-third of the largest branches of each privet in the hedge each year in late winter to maintain its natural, rounded shape in an informal hedge.


  5. Privet Hedges - gardening forum | gardenersworld.com

    • I have found that even the clippings from my privet start taking root if they fall into nearby pots when I've been cutting the hedge.
    • The best economical way to acquire hedging is by buying bare rooted plants in winter.


  6. How to Prune Privet Hedges | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • For mature privet hedges, cut back to an inch past where new growth starts. Newly planted privets can be trained by cutting back 3 inches for
    • Cut the entire hedge back to within 12 inches of the ground in late winter when the additional inch of height the plant retains at each pruning is too much.


  7. Pruning privet hedges hard

    • In winter I cut back hard to stimulate floriferous new stems, and in Jan 25, 2016 Privet hedges also respond best to renovation pruning in February time Berberis – Trim in July after flowering and hard prune after flowering. .


  8. Cut Privet Hedge Plants — Home and Space Decor

    • All are deciduous shrubs lose their leaves in winter.
    • Instructions to cut privet hedge plants: First, determine your style. Your privet can be grown informally as a single sample or on the back of an edge that will not require much pruning.


  9. The Best Time to Trim a Privet Hedge | Home Guides | SF Gate

    • Late Winter to Early Spring. Young privet need pruning from the start to grow full and for a healthier plant down the road.
    • How to Propagate Privet Hedge Cuttings.


  10. 4 Ways to Remove a Privet Hedge - wikiHow | Cut and Paint Treatment

    • For sparse hedges, basal bark herbicides or cut-and-paint herbicide treatments might be better.
    • This option can work especially well when dealing with dense patches of privet. Use brush mulching in the spring, summer, or winter.