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I am new to WPF, I am using MVVM pattern in WPF and generating a Datatable structure at the runtime, then binding Datatable with DataGrid/RadGridView, which is working as expected. Problem: I want DataGrid/RadGridView configurable (where user can add new row...

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PersonsInfo.Add(new RecordInfo {.

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Let me explain more clear. In datagrid first row is chosen we imagine. and then number 5. column chosen. and i took other forms decimal value.

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Using MVVM, particularly with the WPF DataGrid; Author: David Veeneman; Updated: 23 Sep 2009; Section: Windows Presentation Foundation; Chapter

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c# - Getting WPF Data Grid Context Menu Click Row - Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com. How to make wpf datagrid certain rows readonly for a particular date value in the row.

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WPF DataGrid, selected row color on DataGrid SelectedItem Change in MVVM. I have a WPF DataGrid that when I add a new item via a collection, I select that new item

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