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  1. Convert from MySQL datetime to another format with PHP - Stack Overflow

    Refer to the PHP date formatting options to adjust the format.


  2. Datetime comparison PHP/Mysql? - Stack Overflow

    MySQL performs comparisons much faster than PHP. If you filter your data in the query then less, or no time is spent transferring superfluous data back to the application.


  3. PHP date() format when inserting into datetime in MySQL - Stack Overflow

    The problem is that you're using 'M' and 'D', which are a textual representations, MySQL is expecting a numeric representation of the format 2010-02-06 19:30:13. Try: date("Y-m-d H:i:s"...


  4. Dates in PHP and MySQL

    • So the problem is how to work with these two very different date formats - the PHP timestamp integer and the MySQL DATETIME string.


  5. Storing datetime as UTC in PHP/MySQL - Stack Overflow

    I'm curious to hear if someone has a reliable solution for this problem, one that doesn't break when dates traverse media boundaries (HTTP->PHP->MySQL and MySQL->PHP->HTTP)...


  6. php - Mysql datetime DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP error - Stack Overflow

    The DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP support for a DATETIME (datatype) was added in MySQL 5.6. In 5.5 and earlier versions, this applied only to TIMESTAMP (datatype) columns.


  7. MySQL Datetime to PHP date format | Code Karate

    • I often have to remind myself of how to convert a MySQL datetime to something a little more usable... a UNIX timestamp. The strototime version. It is incredibly easy, just use the PHP strtotime function.


  8. Datetime vs Timestamp in MySQL and PHP in practice? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange

    Not for technical reasons, but since you are still unclear on how MySQL works, DATETIME is the simpler choice. This will mean that you will have to calculate the current timestamp in PHP before...


  9. Datetime или timestamp / Хабрахабр

    • Решил везде использовать DATETIME и дать возможность PHP самому указивать сколько
    • Или потому что вы просто возможности mysql знаете гораздо меньше, чем возможности php?


  10. MySQL Tutorial - Date | dp_datetime

    • PHP & MySQL Code: <?php $query_manual = "INSERT INTO dateplayground (dp_name, dp_datetime) VALUES ('DATETIME: Manual DateTime', '1776-7-4 04:13...