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We can use the SelectedRows property to, for example: • get the number of rows selected, • clear the selection (unselect), • delete all the selected records, • check whether a particular record is selected.

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How to get Selected row index in DBGrid ? so Im using ADOQuery -> DataSource -> DBGrid.

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This selected row matches the current record of a dataset bound to a dbgrid.

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DBGrid get data. Hi, how can I get the values from a record which the user selected?

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If I select a row, the DBGrid view is automatically reset to view the first column (As if I scroll back to

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In our case, we need local code in our Delphi application to show row numbers in TDBGrid.

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Column.title.Font.Style := Column.title.Font.Style + [fsBold]; PreviousColumnIndex := Column.Index

X-DBGrid Component package contains two powerful advanced components (TXDBGrid, TXDBColumnsDialog) designed for Delphi 5, 6, 7

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