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  1. demersal zooplankton definition

    • Zooplankton definition, the aggregate of animal or animallike organisms in plankton, as
    • Demersal zooplankton were captured in greater numbers at night and over sand sub-strates.


  2. Zooplankton - definition of zooplankton by The Free Dictionary

    • Define zooplankton. zooplankton synonyms, zooplankton pronunciation, zooplankton translation, English dictionary definition of zooplankton. n. Plankton that consists of animals, including copepods...


  3. Zooplankton | Definition of Zooplankton by Merriam-Webster

    • Define zooplankton: plankton composed of animals.
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  4. Quantitative estimates of demersal zooplankton abundance

    • Demersal zooplankton are taxonornically dis-tinct from the holozooplankton. Demersal zooplankton were captured in greater numbers at night and over sand sub-strates.


  5. Demersal | Definition of Demersal by Merriam-Webster

    • Define demersal: living near, deposited on, or sinking to the bottom of the sea
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  6. Demersal fish : definition of Demersal fish and synonyms of Demersal fish (English)

    • definition - Demersal fish. definition of Wikipedia. Advertizing ▼.
    • Their fins have long rays they use to "stand" on the bottom while they face the current and grab zooplankton as it passes by.[7].


  7. Demersal - definition of demersal by The Free Dictionary

    • Define demersal. demersal synonyms, demersal pronunciation, demersal translation, English dictionary definition of demersal. adj.


  8. Effects of moonlight on the vertical migration patterns of demersal zooplankton

    • Demersal zooplankton were quantitatively sampled on a subtidal sand flat in the Gulf of California every 2 h for 24-h periods at new, full, first, and last-quarter moons...


  9. Smith, Joy - The effects of ocean acidification on demersal Zooplankton using natural carbon dioxide seeps as windows into the future - E-LIB

    • Different drivers influence different zooplankton taxa and collectively contribute to an overall decline in the demersal zooplankton community.


  10. What does ZOOPLANKTON mean? | Definitions & Translations

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