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    • derringer revolver wiki. Сегодня искали: индекс медеуского района антоним туралы жұмбақтар кыз гумыры индийский сериал смотреть онлайн с переводом воуд 9 класс тест с ответами по...


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    • derringer revolver wiki. Derringers 101 - All you Wanted to Know about Derringer Guns.
    • Derringer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. en.m.wikipedia.org.


  3. Derringer - Wikipedia

    The term derringer [derr-in-gur] is a genericized misspelling of the last name of Henry Deringer, a famous 19th-century maker of small pocket pistols. Many copies of the original Philadelphia Deringer pistol were made by other gun makers worldwide, and the name was often misspelled...


  4. COP .357 Derringer - Wikipedia

    The COP .357 is a 4-shot Derringer-type pistol chambered for .357 Magnum. The double-action weapon is about twice as wide, and substantially heavier than the typical .25 automatic pistol, though its relatively compact size and powerful cartridge made it an option for a defensive weapon or a police...


  5. Remington Zig-Zag Derringer - Wikipedia

    The Remington Zig-Zag Derringer - or "Pepper Box", originally termed "Elliot's Pocket Revolver", was made 1861-1862 with fewer than 1,000 manufactured. A 6 shot 22 rimfire short, Remington's first firearm designed for metallic cartridge.


  6. File:COP 357 derringer and Thunder 5 revolver.jpg | Military Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

    • The COP .357 Magnum Derringer and a Thunder 5 revolver that fires .410 gauge shotgun shells.


  7. Röhm Gesellschaft - Wikipedia

    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    • RG-18 — double barrel .38 SPL derringer. RG-20 — .22 calibre DA revolver (short barrel).


  8. Revolver | Cactus McCoy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

    The Revolver is a basic shooting weapon in both Cactus McCoy games. Even though it's basic, it's still better than a Derringer, as it can shoot 6 bullets at a time while a Derringer can shoot only 2. In Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns, the weapon makes its first appearance in Rustler Railroad...


  9. Pepper-box - Wikipedia

    The pepper-box revolver or simply pepperbox (also "pepper-pot", from its resemblance to the household pepper grinder) is a multiple-barrel repeating firearm that has three or more barrels grouped around a central axis. It mostly appears in the form of a multi-shot handheld firearm.


  10. 410 bore - Wikipedia

    The .410 bore, commonly yet incorrectly named .410 gauge, is the second-smallest caliber of shotgun shell commonly available, (.360 CF being the smallest). It has similar base dimensions to the .45 Colt revolver cartridge, allowing many single-shot firearms...