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The COP .357 Magnum Derringer and a Thunder 5 revolver that fires .410 gauge shotgun shells.

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derringer revolver wiki. Derringers 101 - All you Wanted to Know about Derringer Guns.

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en.wiki2.org. Derringer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Some folks swear by revolvers while others will fill their hands with an autoloader or nothing at all.

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The term derringer [derr-in-gur] is a genericized misspelling of the last name of Henry Deringer, a famous 19th-century maker of small pocket pistols. Many copies of the original Philadelphia Deringer pistol were made by other gun makers worldwide, and the name was often misspelled...

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The Derringer is a double-barreled pocket Handgun, designed to be compact, but powerful. Its two barrels chamber one .45 ACP round each, and the gun takes up only 2 inventory slots. It can be reloaded by pressing R without entering the inventory, unlike other weapons (like shotguns)...

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High Standard Derringers. A .22 caliber or .22 Magnum caliber Over / Under double action only derringer with 3.50”barrels.

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Semi-Automatic Handguns. Revolvers. Derringers. Frames.

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