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Verkhoyansk (Russian: Верхоянск; IPA: [vʲɪrxɐˈjansk]; Yakut: Верхоянскай, Verxoyanskay) ... Census, its population was 1,311. The town holds the Guinness world record for the greatest temperature range on Earth: 105 °C (189 °F).


2. Apr. 2013 ... Facts Over Definitions: The Aurignacian At Tincova (Banat, SW-Romania) .... Geoarchaeological research on the Late Pleistocene of Egypt's Eastern Desert – Sodmein Cave revisited ... The climate and largely forested environment of the Last Interglacial (marine ...... 35 (KS1), 36-37 (KS2) and 38-39.

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Top 10 facts. Land is called ‘desert’ if it gets less than 250mm of rain every year.

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Category: Climate. A desert is a region that has a very low level of precipitation.

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This climate resembles the Sahara desert climate that we experience today. The Sahara's climate consists of basically two sub-climates, a dry subtropical climate in the north and a dry tropical climate in the south.

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dust storm in China Desert Climate is generally dry and hot, with low humidity. Temperatures can drop quite low at night because heat that arrives during the day, with no clouds to hold it in, escapes into the atmosphere at night.

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Do you think of deserts? Maybe somewhere like Arizona? Well Arizona definitely has a dry, desert climate as it’s at low altitude, which is how high an area sits from the ocean, and is warm and dry for most of the year.

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Sahara Desert: Profile (Geography, Climate, Wildlife)

10 Facts About Africa.

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Top 10 facts. Land is called ‘desert’ if it gets less than 250mm of rain every year. One-third of the land on Earth is covered in deserts!


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