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BBC - Human Planet Explorer - Deserts (pictures, video, facts & news)


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BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs


All episodes available on BBC iPlayer Radio (510 total).

Desert Facts | KidsKonnect


Desert Facts. A desert is a dry biome. It gets less than 25 cm (about 9.8 inches) of rainfall a year.

Desert Biome - Animal Facts and Information


The desert biome has two extremes that make it difficult to survive. First, it is extremely hot and second, it is extremely dry.

Desert Facts 18 Facts about The Desert


One-third of Earth's land surface. Is partially or totally desert. Antarctica is the largest desert in the world. "Sahara" means "desert". In Arabic. So the "Sahara Desert". Is the "Desert Desert.".

Desert Facts | Cool Kid Facts


Desert Facts For Kids. Read our cool facts about deserts and explore these amazing, dry and sunny places!

10 Lesser Known Facts About Sahara Desert


There are lots of misconceptions about Sahara desert that needs to be clarified to so many people. Here are 10 lesser known Sahara desert facts.

Jupiter Juno mission: Five facts you need to know - BBC News


Five facts about the Juno mission to Jupiter as the Nasa spacecraft arrives on the largest planet in the solar system.

Arabian Desert Facts


A compilation of some interesting facts about the Arabian Desert -- the second largest desert in the world -- intended to shed light on its geographical and biological attributes...

Sahara Desert Facts


Sahara Desert Facts. The Sahara Desert covers the majority of Northern Africa. It is the third largest desert in the world and also the hottest.

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