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Falconry, Falcon with extended wings, bird in hand. By:Neil Holmes. Photolibrary.

Desert Falcon Bird


Desert Safari Tours Offer desert safaris in Dubai which also including photography with falcon bird.

Desert Falcon


Desert Falcon. ATARI(R) 7800(TM) Game Manual.

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Sporting birds are taken out into the desert each day as they have to be flown and trained daily. The main species of falcon being used for sport are the saker and the peregrine.

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Like Zaxxon, Desert Falcon is a diagonal-scrolling shoot'em up. Unlike Zaxxon, however, there seems to be a lot more places to "crash" your bird.

Photographs of Falcons and the birds on the Arizona desert and other...


Photographs of Falcons and the many other birds of Arizona.

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falconry. bird of prey.

Prairie Falcon | Audubon Field Guide | These birds need your help


Creation of Desert National Monuments Safeguards Vital Bird Habitats.

The Desert Falcons targeted attacks - Securelist


The falcon is a rare bird that has been highly prized for a centuries in desert countries in the Arab world. It is a symbol of hunting and sharp vision. The Desert Falcons are proficient cyberhunters with...

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Now, as human populations expand into once unoccupied deserts, the Prairie Falcon persists in the face of

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