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The Desert Falcon is a rare weapon in Unturned. It uses the Desert Falcon Magazine, which hold 7 rounds. The Desert Falcon can rarely be found at Military Locations. There is also a chance that it will drop from a Mega Zombie. PEI: Summerside Military Base, Confederation Bridge.

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The Desert Falcon Magazine is a magazine in Unturned. It is used by the Desert Falcon. It can be refilled with a High Caliber Military Ammunition Crate. Categories: Items. Weaponry. Magazine Attachments. Epic Rarity.

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Desert Falcon Magazine. 489. Chainsaw.

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The Desert Falcon Magazine is a uncommon magazine for the Desert Falcon. It can be found in military locations. It holds 7 rounds, and takes up a single slot in the player's inventory. It can be refilled with military-grade ammo.

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006 - Military Magazine 017 - Military Drum 020 - Timberwolf Magazine 098 - Colt Magazine 100 - Cobra Magazine 103 - Schofield Magazine 108 - Ace Clip

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