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Desert Farms Camel Milk on Sale at Whole Foods


But Whole Foods is now trying to make them the dairy source to beat by adding Desert Farms Camel Milk to their shelves. The stuff will only be available in NorCal and Reno locations, and you have to buy it frozen, but it supposedly packs calcium, vitamin B1...

Desert Farms - Camel Milk | Desert Farms - Camel Milk


Whole Foods Market 790 DeLong Ave Novato, California 94945, United States.

Camel Milk - Desert Farms | Camel Milk 100% Raw & Natural Milk


Desert Farms Whole Camel Milk is 100% Natural! Gently pasteurized, pasture raised whole camel milk...

Camel Milk Whole Foods Price: Where Can You Buy The 'Next...


As Americans turn to more milk alternatives like soy or almond versions, Walid Abdul-Wahab is looking to get into this lucrative market with the help of a few Amish co-ops and Whole Foods. “At Desert Farms, our mission is to promote camel milk as nature’s most wholesome dairy beverage...

Desert Farms - Camel Milk


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Palm Desert | Whole Foods Market


Eco Scale. Green Mission. Organic Farming.

Will Camel's Milk Be the Next Big Craze?


For example, Desert Farms sells its milk to select Whole Foods in California and online. The California-based company buys milk from Amish farmers in the Midwest.

Chicago Food Deserts


Read Whole Story. Reports: Chicago Food Deserts Down 40 Percent. Posted 12.24.2011 | Chicago. Read More: Michelle Obama, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Chicago Farmers Markets, Food Stamps Program, Michelle Obama Fundraiser Chicago, Chicago Urban Farming, Food Stamps...

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The Desert Farm will enable us to provide natural diets. Our animal collection will gain both behaviourally and nutritionally. The animal food will be presented as whole fruits and seed heads, rather than as refrigerated foods and individual seeds.

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