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Desertification is a type of land degradation in which a relatively dry land region becomes increasingly arid, typically losing its bodies of water as well as vegetation and wildlife. It is caused by a variety of factors, such as climate change and human activities.

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Desertification is largely caused by unsustainable use of scarce resources. What options exist to avoid or reverse desertification and its negative impacts?


Desertification. Lake Chad in a 2001 satellite image, with the actual lake in blue. The lake has shrunk by 95% since the 1960s.[1].

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Multiple causes may trigger desertification. Climatic shifts, especially long-lasting drought cycles, can drive ecosystems to more desert-like conditions.

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desertification. 1. The process by which land that has been farmed or inhabited becomes changed into desert, usually through climatic change or overfarming.

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wood: woman carrying a load of firewoodAPThe fourth area of desertification is dry woodlands, which are greatly affected by the overconsumption of firewood.

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Desertification is a process of land-degradation by which a region becomes progressively drier and drier — eventually becoming desert.


Desertification does not occur in linear, easily mappable patterns.

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Overgrazing is the major cause of desertification worldwide.

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Desertification does not occur in linear, easily mappable patterns. There is no consensus among researchers as to the specific causes, extent, or degree of desertification.

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