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  1. WPF DataGrid Control | DevExpress

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    • Multi-Row and Multi-Cell Selection: The DevExpress WPF Grid provides comprehensive record selection support. Rows and cells can be selected both programmatically and at runtime.


  2. What's New in v16.2 | DevExpress

    • The DevExpress WPF Grid Control allows end-users to pin required data rows to top and bottom. Documentation.
    • In this release, we have added a new mode that allows an end user to select all rows within a single page.


  3. What's New in 2017 vol.1 | DevExpress

    • Additionally, WPF Data Grid Footer Summaries are now aligned in group rows under corresponding column headers when exported in data-aware mode.
    • DevExpress Spreadsheet v17.1 ships with a new Conditional Formatting Rules Manager. With it, you can allow end-users to add new formatting...


  4. What's New in 2011 | DevExpress

    • Cascading Data Updates Support. This new features aims to speed the WPF Grid's performance when scrolling data rows.
    • The newest version of the DevExpress WPF Tab Control includes numerous new features – Among them design-time support for adding, deleting and selecting individual pages.


  5. T144262 - Add a new row to WPF Grid control on pressing enter key or tab in last row. | DevExpress Support Center

    • I want to add a new row to the wpf grid control in two scenarios.
    • Regards, Chinna. Andrey Marten (DevExpress Support) 08.28.2014. Hello, You can choose one of the following ways to achieve your goal.


  6. Online Documentation - Developer Express Inc.

    • WPF Controls.
    • Windows 10 App Controls.


  7. T186004 - GridControl - "Add new row" | DevExpress Support Center

    • DESKTOP UI CONTROLS. WinForms. WPF. Windows 10 Apps.
    • But my code have a problem. When I click on empty field on grid, application will add new row (table.AddNewRow();) , but first row is still active.


  8. devexpress wpf grid add new row

    • How to add new rows to GridControl Devexpress Tutorials. VB.NET programming.
    • DevExpress WPF Grid - NewRowItem is Evil! If you need any kind of custom validation or special cross-column logic when you enter a new data (new row) in.


  9. devexpress wpf gridcontrol add new row event

    • Read related documents and downloads about Devexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Add New Row. Find answers researching ebooks, papers or essays. WinForms Grid How to Delete Selected Data Rows.


  10. What's New in 2015 vol.2 | DevExpress

    • The new DevExpress WPF Diagram Control allows users to visually communicate complex information using data-linked diagrams, flow and org charts.
    • Data Grid Control. Partial Data Grouping. This new option allows you to display group rows with two or more data rows.