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WPF GridControl New Item Row not working properly.

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DevExpress GridControl.

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Hi, I have a grid control which is binded to a collection of objects. I want to add a new row to the wpf grid control in two scenarios.

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I am having a devexpress WPF GridControl . I want to insert a new row into my gridcontrol by clicking on add new row.

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1 solution. GridControl new row added event. Tags

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(includes all DevExpress .NET Controls along with CodeRush).

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You can handle the ValidateRow event. If you set e.Valid = false you wont add a new row. So check if your object is empty or invalid and just if the needed values are typed you give the row free.

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Introduction. This will help in writing a common code for events like PreviewKeyUp, KeyUp and setting other properties for TableView. Background. In WPF, there can be a case where there are shortcut keys provided to perform functions like copy a row, copy a column, enter a new row, etc.

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To simply drag a grid row and drop it in another grindcontrol follow these steps below forexample we have 2 gridcontrols with both a tableview, lets call them grid1 and gridview1grid2 and gridview2 first add these 2 events to yr gridview1

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