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    • Hi, I have a WPF application, As given in the attachment I have a Pie chart and the GridControl below it. When i select a point in Pie Chart the corresponting Row's background color in the Grid should change.


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    • When this is set to true, i want the row to change color. How can this be done? I have the following so far. [XAML]. <dxg:GridControl Name="gridControl" ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Data}...


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    • I have a WPF view with DevExpress GridControl included (not developed by me). The problem is that when I click "Auto fit" option - it gets too wide with a horizontal scroll.


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    • DXGrid change color of grid row DevExpress WPF .... for any grid row. <dxg: GridControl x:Name="MyGridControl" ItemsSource ="{Binding MyViewModelList}" ... See DevExpress: How to disable focused/selected row colors.


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    • For changing the row colour in runtime handle the RowStyle event: public Color ... I simply just want to change the colour of a single row to green.


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