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Online Documentation – Developer Express Inc.


Required DLLs for DevExpress WPF Deployment.

Q484621 - WPF GridControl: How to move focus to a new row after...


(includes all DevExpress .NET Controls along with CodeRush).

WPF DataGrid Control | DevExpress


Buy a New Product Subscription. Renew an Existing Subscription.

Q536516 - How to prevent change of focused row handle, when...


...of focused row handle, when I mouse click on some row in DevExpress GridControl for WPF

Devexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Focus New Row


Devexpress Gridcontrol Selected Row Wpf. Devexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Focused Row Color.

Devexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Focused Row


Devexpress Wpf Gridview Selected Row. Devexpress Wpf Gridcontrol Focus New Row.

Set focus to NewItemRow after row inserted from a NewItemRow


This selects the last row in the grid, where the new row has been put. I tried using this and I can see the selected row flash to the last row but it still moves back to the top row.

Drag and Drop Grid Control Row DevExpress WPF | JohnnBlade...


To simply drag a grid row and drop it in another grindcontrol follow these steps below. forexample we have 2 gridcontrols with both a tableview, lets call them grid1 and gridview1 grid2 and gridview2.

DevExpress WPF Grid Custom Control - CodeProject


Creating a custom devexpress WPF grid control and writing a common code that can be used

devexpress wpf gridcontrol focus new row


Q500637 - DevExpress WPF GridControl Focus on Recent Visible row.


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