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The DevExpress WPF DataGrid Control is an Outlook inspired editing and data shaping component allowing your end-users to easily manage information and display it on-screen as

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With DevExpress WPF Controls, you'll deliver high-performance line-of-business applications that fully address the needs of your enterprise - apps that emulate Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 10

c# - How to colorize DevExpress WPF GridControl Row?

1,11953475. I'm not familiar with devexpress GridControl. Is there a RowStyle dependency property on the gridControl ? Do you have an ItemsSource binded for this control ?

DevExpress - Why WPF GridControl Column Filtering is not working?

I have a DevExpress GridControl defined in XAML like this

DevExpress GridControl use

gcQueryList.SummaryItem.SummaryType = DevExpress.Data.SummaryItemType.Count

Does anyone knows how to get a DevExpress WPF Grid Rows count?

Therefore, you should use the GridControl.VisislbRowCount property instead of the data source row count.

How to customize column headings in DevExpress WPF GridControl

DevExpress is one of several 3rd party .NET control providers offering a full suite of controls for WPF.

WPF Pivot Grid Control | DevExpress

The DevExpress WPF Pivot Grid Control has the power to convert hard to read and difficult to dissect dataset information into compact and summarized visual reports so your application can efficiently address real-time business analysis needs.

Q292804 - Row count for WPF Grid | DevExpress Support Center

(includes all DevExpress .NET Controls along with CodeRush).

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