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  1. How to remove hardcoded subtitles from a video file using VLC - Quora

    • Originally Answered: How do I disable or add hardcoded or "burned" subtitles in VLC media player? There is no way to disable hardcoded subtitles. It is part of the video, you basically have to cut that part of the video frame which has the subtitles.


  2. disable forced subtitles vlc

    • VLC should support forced subtitles. e.g. have for each language an additional entry "forced only" in subtitle selection.
    • Soft subtitles, VLC may disable very easy so can’t be watched. Only way to erase hardcoded subtitles from a video (without cutting the part in which its showing), is with an...


  3. Forced subtitles embedded in M4V | Forum

    • If disabled, the forced subtitles don't show-up. So my conclusion is that VLC does not really support the forced flag. And a workaround (for mkv) is to set the forced track as default track.


  4. How To Disable Subtitles By Default In VLC Media Player

    • That is, you need to follow this procedure each time you open a video file with subtitles in order to disable subtitles. VLC Media Player lacks an...


  5. 3 Ways To Turn Off Subtitles In VLC Media Player | Right click on the video and navigate to Subtitle>>Sub Track>>Disable.

    • How To Remove Or Disable Subtitles In VLC Player. There are two methods to turn off vlc subtitles. If your video file is using .srt file then you can simply disable it from the option.


  6. Forced Subtitles? | Forum - Universal Media Server | Forum

    • I have tried the options 'disable subtitle' and with subtitles enabled, but still no joy. I know they are embedded because when I play the movie through VLC the subtitle appears, but I just can't get it to appear using UMS, if anyone has got this to work...


  7. Disable VLC Subtitles By Default | Mac Tricks And Tips

    • If you play videos in VLC, some video files such as MKV or similar will automatically play subtitle files when the video or movie file starts.
    • Now when you start VLC the subtitles track will not play. Very useful and a quick way to disable this option within VLC.


  8. vlc media player - How to disable subtitles by default (but keep them available)? - Super User

    Browse to the menu Tools / Preferences / (Show settings: All) / Input/Codecs. Then set 'Subtitles Track ID' to 0. Per http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=62294.


  9. Closed-Captioning streams and Subtitle Tracks - Interface | Forum

    • And a lot of DVDs do disable the Subtitle tracks from displaying each time you first play them so I am not sure if it is possible to always force "Subtitle Track #1" to stay on permanently by overriding it through VLC.


  10. #1135 (VLC should support forced subs for DVD) – VLC

    • VLC should support forced subtitles. e.g. have for each language an additional entry "forced only" in subtitle selection.
    • There are some forced subs at 1:15:00 trough 1:17:00 where some elvish is spoken. These are shown by Apple DVD player, even if I disable all subtitle tracks.