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    • Two-year-old Suzanne did not survive the visit, but a doctor blamed the second death on
    • Cut to I live in her house with her daughter. Margaret told Dr. Richard Webber that she was.


  2. Fundraiser by Gabrielle Webber : Dr. Webber's Second chance

    • Dr. Webber was my doctor for many years and was supposed to deliver our daughter; however, there were complications with the birth so he called in a specialist.


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    • Dr webber daughter. cartchipwhouco.freeiz.com. is dr pierce dr webber's daughter. c. Terri Webber Arnett c. Dr. Rick Webber. www.lchr.org.


  4. Hardy/Webber family - Wikipedia

    The Hardy/Webber family is a fictional middle class family on the soap opera General Hospital. Characters currently on the show are noted in bold; family members through marriage are in italics. Only current spouses or those married at the time of their death appear here.


  5. Richard Webber - Wikipedia

    Richard Webber, M.D. is a fictional character from the ABC medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy. The character is portrayed by actor James Pickens, Jr., and was created by Shonda Rhimes. He was previously the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital for 11 years...


  6. Lesley Webber - The Full Wiki | Loss of daughter

    • Laura Webber (daughter, with Gordon, adopted by Rick) Unnamed child (son, with Cameron).
    • Among the doctors working at the hospital were Steve, Audrey Hardy, Monica, Rick, and Jeff Webber.


  7. To Dr Cartwright, a Daughter by Meredith Webber - book cover, description, publication history.

    • To Dr Cartwright, a Daughter. (1998) A novel by Meredith Webber.
    • Six years later her life revolves around her daughter, Julia, and they're content.


  8. Lesley Webber | General Hospital | Soaps.com

    • * Poisoned by Heather Webber. (2004) * Raised granddaughter, Lulu, when her own daughter was sent to a santarium.
    • Lesley found comfort in the arms of Dr. Rick Webber and they later married...


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    • Cut to I live in her house with her daughter. Margaret told Dr. Richard Webber that she was.
    • Dr. Sarah Webber - Daughter of Jeff and Carolyn.


  10. Dr. Jeffrey "Jeff" Webber, MD is a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera General...

    • Doctor. Residence.
    • They sent their two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth Webber to live with their 'grandmother' Audrey.