javascript - Executing a function after the dgrid renderRow

You can defer the invocation of domGeom.position(row) until the dgrid-refresh-complete event has been emitted. You'll need to include dojo/on. Aspect.after(grid, 'renderRow', function(row, args)...

dojo - How to do an aspect.after of renderRow method using dgrid...

nombre'); aspect.after(grid, 'renderRow', function(row, args) { var object = args[0]; if (!empty

TransferBox: A Tale of Two Lists - dgrid Tutorial

renderRow: this.renderItem transferButton: this.removeButton }, this.toNode); handleSelection(

Dojo Toolkit - dgrid renderRow put-selector question accessing...

I have a dgrid with renderRow set.

Dojo Toolkit - dgrid - How to access cells (with widgets) within same row

Dojo Toolkit. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Dojo Toolkit - dgrid context menu using dijit menu selector

var menu = new Menu({ targetNodeIds: [grid.contentNode], selector: '.mycontextmenu' }); In the renderRow method of the dgrid, I add the mycontextmenu CSS class as required.

[Dojo-interest] dgrid - How to access cells (with widgets) within...

I think you don't need the aspect after, since dgrid-refresh-complete is emitted after renderRow. Also each grid event is augmented to let you get the row or cell...

Color whole row based on store data · Issue #236 · SitePen/dgrid

So you can do this in 1.8 much more easily: aspect.after(grid, "renderRow", function(row, args)

Introducing the Next Grid: dgrid | Blog | SitePen

If we have an array of objects (or are getting data from a store), we can implement our own renderRow method to render the objects

Help: Map unable to load up and dojo dgrid | GeoNet

I got a problem loading up my local published map and my dojo dgrid on my IE 8 (Project must use IE8 only).

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