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Drake Net Worth: If You're Reading This He's Too Rich - Money Nation


Drake’s net worth has grown sharply from just over $1 million in 2009 to $130 million in 2017. In some years like 2014 and 2015 the singer earned as little as $10 million, while in others like 2013 and 2016 he made between $40 million and $90 million.

Drake Net Worth in 2013?


Lil Wayne prodigy Drake earned over $20.5 million in 2012. His net worth is $40 million. He made more than rapper Lil Wayne. See who else Drake tops here.

Drake Net Worth 2017-2016, Biography, Wiki - UPDATED! - Celebrity...


Drake Net Worth $100 Million. Aside from being an actor, Drake rose to fame as a rap artist as well.

Drake Net Worth 2016: How Much Is Drake Worth Right Now


Drake’s Net Worth as of 2016: $78 Million. But how did Drake get here? And how did he do it in only a handful of years?

Drake Net Worth - TheRichest


Canadian recording artist and actor, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, has an estimated net worth of $100 million in 2015. Drake was initially known for...

Drake Net Worth 2014 - Alux.com | Earnings in 2013: $20.5 Million


How much is Drake worth in 2014 and how much money is he making: We’ll take an in depth look at all that in this Drake Net Worth 2014 article!

Jessica Drake Net Worth 2017-2016, Bio, Wiki - RENEWED!


Jessica Drake Net Worth $2 Million. Produced in San Antonio, Texas, Jessica Drake was majoring in psychology, when she started working in an area strip club so that you can pay the invoices.

What is Drake Net Worth? - Business and Finance


Drake Net Worth. Drake is now a major celebrity and has been raking in the big money for a while.

Drake Net Worth


Drake’s net worth is $98.0 million and we can bet that there probably aren’t too many in shock over this revelation.

Drake Net Worth in 2016 | Celebrity Net Worth


I-d.vice.com. I-d.vice.com. It is no wonder hwy many children especially those that live in poor areas want to grow up and be rappers. Not only do hip hop stars have the fame, they have the fortune to go along with them. Rapper and actor Drake is proof of this.


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