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  1. drupal kpr not working

    • kpr() works similarly to dpm() however it doesn't accept a second argument for labelling and, instead of waiting for for the page to load and displaying the debug in.
    • Drupal Views pager not working but results showing.


  2. drupal kpr not working

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  4. debugging - Why kpr() shows different content than var_dump()? - Drupal Answers

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    • And can how I get kpr() to work? using var_dump() in form debugging is not really an option.


  5. Debugging Drupal | Chapter Three | Applying Patches: Before you patch anything make a backup of the original code! If you are using version control (such as git) then good work, your code is backed up by design.

    • DPM/KPR: These two utilities are quite similar and require the Devel module, a must for any Drupal developer www.drupal.org/project/devel.
    • IDE: The Devel module is a great tool, however it does not work for every situation.


  6. Drupal 7 preprocess_views not working - Stack Overflow

    The problem is likely that you try to implement a preprocess function based on the same naming pattern as used for template overrides. But preprocess functions are a bit different in that by default, they can only be implemented based on the name of the 'base' template...


  7. GitHub - dan-nix/kpr-drupal-modules: Custom modules for Drupal that are designed to work alongside the NPR modules. By Danny Mantyla and Kansas Public Radio.

    • dan-nix/kpr-drupal-modules.
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  8. softwarejoblink.com/win-7

    • Not Working.


  9. 7 - kpr() in my form validation and submit function is not being called - Drupal Answers

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    • Everything that is output with drupal_set_message() (the function that kpr() uses to output the message) could not be visible from the browser if code redirects the user to another page after...


  10. kpr | Drupal API Reference Help

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    • Saves carpal tunnel syndrome. Code. ./devel.module, line 1714. <?php function kpr($input, $return = FALSE, $name = NULL) { return kprint_r($input, $return, $name)