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If I load a DVD (in this case '300') in DVDFab it will show that there are six languages available

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I normally use the display only forced subtitle setting but then I don't get the subtitles that would normally display during a change of language in the film. FOr example, the movie is in English but characters talk shortly in French and the film...

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So, my solution is to start the blu-ray with PowerDVD to identify if there is a separate track with forced subtitles, if so, I launch DVDFab select only that subtitle track and select the option to render it directly to video.

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Ripped Captain Phillips "Movie Only" w/ DVDFab v8.0.3.0 (v9) flakes out my system out. Shrunk using BD-Rebuilder v4605 to BD25 (I realize there are two newer versions, but I had used this older version prior to those coming out.) Forced Subtitles remain on-screen until the next Forced Subtitle.

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Handbrake & DVDfab: Complete Process Guide. Handbrake: Subtitle Options - forced only, burned in, default.

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If I check both the 'English' and 'English (forced only)', I get too many subtitle tracks.

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So it is safe to assume that either DVDFab does not correctly copy the forced subtitle track, or XBMC does not pick up the forced subtitle track flags properly.

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The Live doesn't have the ability to play forced subs only, like a DVD player would. For a regular DVD (as opposed to a blu-ray) you can look at DVDFab and see if there is any option to rip forced subtitles only.

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In Setting up a subtitle (in my case from Taiwanese audio to English subs, the box to 'display forced subtitles only' should be unchecked and not checked as I had it. But there was a further problem with DVDFab: perhaps the size was set incorrectly as my normal size is about 700.

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Dvdfab no forced subtitles. Lang.: EN. Lic.: Free. Downloads: 291380.

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