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  1. DVDFab Forum - Thor the Dark World Forced Subtitles

    • Search in DVDFab DVD Ripper / Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus) only Advanced Search.
    • I've tried everything I know to rip Thor The Dark World so that it will show forced subtitles (English) especially when the dark elf talks in his native language (Chapter 6). I have "Display only forced subtitles"...


  2. DVDFab forced subtitles - DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free - Club Myce - Knowledge is Power

    • If I load a DVD (in this case '300') in DVDFab it will show that there are six languages available:- English Arabic Greek Unknown Icelandic English.
    • Now if I select one language only I can check the box 'Display only forced subpicture'. Does this mean that the forced subtitles are inside the standard...


  3. BD Ripper (3D Plus) Thor the Dark World Forced Subtitles - Page 2 - DVDFab Forum

    • Hello, thanks for the instructions on turning off the forced subtitles only. Had been driving me mad! Just a note, I have the UK release that has the 3D and standard versions included (BUY0215701).


  4. Dvd Fab Subtitles - DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free - Club Myce - Knowledge is Power

    • To only have forced subtitles then that all you need select when you copy the DVD but DVDFab 9 seems to be having problems with subtitles right now and may be better to use DVDfab 8 till fixed.


  5. DVDFab MKV subtitles - VideoHelp Forum

    • So, my solution is to start the blu-ray with PowerDVD to identify if there is a separate track with forced subtitles, if so, I launch DVDFab select only that subtitle track and select the option to render it directly to video.


  6. Page 2-Other Forced vs Unforced Subtitles DVDFab DVD Ripper / Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus) | Forum

    • So, about this topic, I've requested that DVDFab Ripper add a new feature that deletes empty subtitle tracks. This will help everyone in the future. Also, I want "Normal and Forced Only" to be enabled by default.


  7. BD Ripper (3D Plus) Kill Bill English Forced Subtitles? - DVDFab Forum

    • The subtitles are stand alone like regular subtitles. DVDFab sees two English subtitle tracks.
    • I made the ISO with the desired subtitle track but did NOT select "only forced". Tested it in both version 8 and 9. It works fine with the Mede8er.


  8. Dvd Fab Subtitles - DVDFab / DVD Region+CSS Free - Club Myce - Knowledge is Power

    • Those only appear when there is someone speaking Japanese & they are translated to English. I also tried the DVD -RW on my standalone DVD players. The LG & Magnavox are both able to select the forced subtitles & they work just like DVDFab Media Player did.


  9. BD Ripper (3D Plus) Dances with Wolves Blu-ray Forced Subtitles - DVDFab Forum

    • No need to check Display Only Forced with this disc.
    • My copy is 16.9. When I play it back through my WD TV Live media player the subtitles are on the top of the screen ( in the black band)but I cannot see half of...


  10. dvdfab forced subtitles only

    • Question: Dvd Fab Subtitles . be able to have both forced and regular subtitles on DVD and be able to . when you copy the DVD but DVDFab 9 seems How to Choose among Three DVD Copy Modes . audio tracks and subtitles in 5 minutes only Copy Main...