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The reason being is that many wire cages are not always suitable for dwarf hamsters, because of their size they can often squeeze through the bars of cages and get stuck or worse escape entirely.

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On the other hand, finding a cage for dwarf hamsters are a bit trickier since they are less popular and there are less cages for them.

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Certainly not a cheap hamster cage, but this is one of the best cages for a lone syrian hamster or a couple of dwarfs! You will rarely find it inside stores. It’s a perfect size for a lone Syrian hamster and more than meets the minimum size requirements for the USA and Europe.

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Money Managing. Frugal Living. How to Make a Cheap Hamster Cage for 3 Dwarf Hamsters.

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1. Dwarf hamsters can readily live in wire cages, but keep in mind that the wires must be extremely close together. If you’re looking into cheap hamster cages, look no further than the wire variety.

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Style of Dwarf Hamster Cage. Your main choices will be between a wire cage (usually on a plastic base), a plastic modular cage (the kind with many compartments and tubes), or an aquarium (with a secure mesh lid).

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Hamsters. Chinese Dwarf Hamster. Winter White Hamster.

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There are specific dwarf hamster cages available to accommodate their small size; plastic topped cages make ideal homes for dwarf hamsters as do Rotastak systems but mouse ladders may be required in the vertical tubes.

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The cost of supplies to care for a dwarf hamster: ball, food, bedding, cage, wheel and water bottle.

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