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  1. How do I beat Azazel...? - Tekken 6 Answers for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

    • How do I beat Azazel...? ... the lord of the guard. I can block his moves easy enough
    • Easiest way to do this is to abuse the neutral guard, or if that's turned off, learn how to block all of his attacks including the ones with the scarabs.
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  2. easy way to beat azazel tekken 6 xbox 360

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  3. How do I beat Azazel dragon in tekken 6? - Tekken 6 Answers for Xbox 360 - GameFAQs

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    • An easy way to defeat Azazel is to use Jin Kazama and just keep on moving backwards while pressing the buttons Y and then X right after.


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    • Easy Win.
    • How To Beat Azazel. Created by: H8ter14.


  5. How To Beat Azazel - Guide for Tekken 6 on Xbox 360 (X360) (85797) - CheatCodes.com

    • Ok i just recently bought the game and i had figured out Azazels weakness during the fights. When he is about to hit you try to dodge or defend against his attacks and QUICKLY pull out some combos because when he attacks u he is slow to recover from his previous
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  6. How do I beat (Azazel)? - Tekken 6 Answers for PSP - GameFAQs

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    • How do i beat Azazel because every i attack him he's always blocked my move help!!!
    • There are multiple ways to beat him. First of all, you have to know that all your moves are unsafe against him.
    • How to unlock azazel in tekken 6?? in PSP.


  7. Easy Azazel cheats for Tekken 6 on PSP

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    • Easy Azazel cheat for Tekken 6. Previous. How to promote your character's status(or whatev..
    • Dec 8th 2011 Guest i just beat azazel on 10 characters this kuma,jin,kazuya,lars,alisa,hwoarang,steve,eddy...


  8. How do you defeat azazel in tekken 6

    • Well, I have the XBOX 360 Console cersion of Tekken 6, and I defeated azazel using Christie.
    • I've beaten the game and gotten all of the achievements and there is no way to unlock him. You can however still unlock devil j…in like in tekken 5 and he kicks more butt.


  9. Worst final boss in Tekken history.... - Tekken 6 Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs

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    • The absoulute easiest way to beat Azazel is to set the clock to 30 seconds. Play on easy. DO some damage to his health so that urs is higher.


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    • Secret - The Only Way to Defeat Azazel and Nancy.
    • Beat him in Tekken Force 4th Special Forces Operation Group Compound. Feng (in Arena).