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Solenoid Coil Electromagnetic Force Calculator


Calculate the force between a solenoid coil and another piece of ferromagnetic material using this calculator.

Online Solenoid Electromagnetic Force Calculator


Electromagnetic force is a fundamental force of nature and this force is described by electromagnetic fields, this online calculator can be used to calculate solenoid electromagnetic...

K&J Magnetics - Magnet Calculator


Pull Force. Repelling. Magnetic Field.

Solenoid (Electromagnet) Force Calculator


Solenoid (Electromagnet) Force Calculator. See our other Electronics Calculators.

Electric forces


The electric force between charges may be calculated using Coulomb's law.

Magnetic Force Calculator


This magnetic force calculator calculates the magnetic force which a moving charge exerts travelling through a magnetic field.

Online Unit Converters • Magnetostatics, Magnetism...


Magnetomotive Force measurement compact unit conversion calculator.

Calculation of Electromagnetic Force on Damper Windings...


The accurate calculation of magnetic force in large hydro-generator is the difficult problem in electromagnetic design and the important basis in electromagnetic motor fault diagnosis...

Magnetic force microscope - Wikipedia


The magnetic force microscope (MFM) is a variety of atomic force microscope, where a sharp magnetized tip scans a magnetic sample; the tip-sample magnetic interactions are detected and used to reconstruct the magnetic structure of the sample surface.

Calculating the Forces


What is the electric force between 2 up quarks separated by 1.0E-16 meters?


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