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  1. electromagnetic force calculator freeware

    • Video: electromagnetic force calculator freeware. Реклама. 240.
    • 7761. Free Timesheet Calculator. 5773. Rate Calculator Script. 5644. Option Position Calculator.


  2. Online Solenoid Electromagnetic Force Calculator

    • Electromagnetic force is a fundamental force of nature and this force is described by electromagnetic fields, this online calculator can be used to calculate solenoid electromagnetic force by filling in requested fields.


  3. Solenoid Coil Electromagnetic Force Calculator to calculate the magnetic force of solenoid.

    • Calculate the force between a solenoid coil and another piece of ferromagnetic material using this calculator.
    • Solenoid Coil Electromagnetic Force calculation is made easier here.


  4. Theory of Proportional Solenoids and Magnetic Force

    • Keywords: Electromagnetic solenoid actuator (EMSA), electromagnetic proportional solenoid actuator (EMPSA), force calculation, magnetic energy, virtual displacement. 1. Introduction. There are various applications for EMSA today.


  5. Solenoid (Electromagnet) Force Calculator

    • Solenoid (Electromagnet) Force Calculator. See our other Electronics Calculators. This calculator computes the force between a solenoid and another piece of ferromagnetic material separated by a gap of distance g.


  6. Electric forces

    • The electric force between charges may be calculated using Coulomb's law.
    • If two one-second collections of 1 Coulomb each were concentrated at points one meter apart, the force between them could be calculated from Coulomb's Law.


  7. K&J Magnetics - Magnet Calculator

    • Click here to go to our Repelling Force Magnet Calculator that shows the repelling force generated between two same-sized magnets. Many online calculators we've seen determine pull force based on a theoretical calculation of the flux density.


  8. Magnetic Force Calculator

    • This magnetic force calculator calculates the magnetic force of a moving charge through a magnetic field or of a current flowing through a straight wire.
    • Magnetic Force Calculator of a Moving Charge Through a Magnetic Field.


  9. Introduction to magnetism (video) | Khan Academy

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  10. Magnetic Lifting Force, Design, Equation and Calculator | Engineers Edge | www.engineersedge.com

    • Magnetic Force Lifting Force Equation and Calculator.
    • The following is the equation and associated calculator to determine the the effective lifting force. As shown, a single magnet with one pole face secured to a lifting apparatus and the oppostie face of the magnet is then placed on a solid steel plate.