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I am new to Windows Phone app development and I would like to know what is the best way to embed YouTube videos in Windows Phone 8 App? I would like to provide a list of videos with thumbnails and user should be able to click and watch the video just like any typical app.

Mobile Development: Embed YouTube videos into your Windows...


Recently I had to investigate the possibility to embed youtube videos in an Windows Phone application. The easy way is to simply launch IE with the Uri of the video, but this way you have no control over the video as your app will get suspended.

How to embed youtube video as a mp3 player in your website


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Playing youtube video in windows 8 app


I have been trying to play a youtube video in a windows 8 html5 & javascript app with no luck! I tried copy pasting the code youtube provided for embedding videos in the body of default.html, for example

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Unable to view embedded YouTube videos on Windows 8 Surface


I have a Windows 8 surface on which I am unable to view WPC Central videos at all especially the embedded YouTube videos. Only a blank white screen shows up when the videos should be playing. Can somebody help me?

Your Tube 8 Keeps YouTube Simple in Windows...


If you’d like to avoid the extra distractions – and you’re using Windows 8 – you can turn to Your Tube 8 to focus your YouTube experience.

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Требуется Windows 7 с пакетом обновления 1 (SP1) и Windows 8.1 с обновлением. Некоторые выпуски исключены из данного предложения: Windows 7 Корпоративная, Windows 8/8.1 Корпоративная и Windows RT/RT 8.1.

Why doesn't the Internet Explorer app for Windows 8 support Flash...


In this short video, I am going to discuss why the Internet Explorer app for Windows 8 does not display content that requires the Flash player.

YouTube8: YouTube App For Windows 10/8


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