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An emoticon (ee-MOHT-i-kahn), (/ᵻˈmoʊtᵻkɒn/, or /iˈmoʊtᵻkɒn/) is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters, usually written to express a person's feelings or mood.

Urban Dictionary: emoticon


emoticons: :) smile :( frown ;) wink :P or :Þ tongue sticking out: joke, sarcasm or disgusting 8) has sunglasses: looking cool :O surprised :S confused :'( shedding a tear XD laughing, eyes shut (LOL)...



There are also some possible variations to emoticons to get new definitions, like changing a character to express a new feeling, or slightly change the mood of the emoticon.

Emoticon - definition of emoticon by The Free Dictionary


emoticon. 1. An arrangement of typed characters used, when read sideways, to represent an emotion or state of mind, such as :-) symbolizing a smiling face.

Emoticon dictionary definition | emoticon defined


The definition of an emoticon is a sideways facial expression created using keyboard symbols that represent an attitude or a facial expression in e-mail.



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Emoticon - Esolang


Emoticon, designed by David Donachie in 2004, is an esoteric programming language which uses smileys for program instructions. Emoticon is a programming language based on "emoticons", or combinations of characters meant to look like facial expressions to convey appropriate emotion...

Emoticons - Dota 2 Wiki


Emoticons are animated icons that may be sent through in-game or dashboard chat channels. A maximum of four emoticons can be displayed per line. These emoticons were once in the game files, but were never used.

Emoticons - Club Penguin Wiki - Wikia


Emoticons or emotes are faces and symbols that can show how penguins feel. They usually appear in speech bubbles accessed by clicking on the "Emote Menu" or by pressing "E", followed by various keys what are usually the first letter of the noun. Main article: List of Emoticons.

Facebook emoticons | list of shortcut codes for facebook chat smileys


Without further ado, here is a complete list of facebook emoticons and their keyboard shortcuts. Here is how to use them: type in the code and press enter to get it to show up.

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