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So tell me, wouldn’t be nice to be able to access Facebook full site (desktop version) on mobile phone?

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You can get to the Facebook full site on any mobile device a few ways. One way is to use the Facebook full site link, which is either copy and paste or just tap on the link and it will immediately take you to the full site.

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You don’t have to be stuck on the mobile version of Facebook with the trick below. The trick below works on any mobile device, from iPhone to iPad to Android. I’ll show you a couple ways to access the Facebook login welcome home page full site on mobile.

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Did i just hear you say "request and want"? Yea, now i know whats going on right on your mind, don't worry we are not going to write or send any mail to anyone on Facebook requesting for the full site view on our mobile device.

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Accessing the Facebook Full Site from Any Device. Normally, we here at Appamatix are guiding readers through the process of getting an

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Facebook Login Home Page Full Site Mobile – Tech Marketing –. Another way to get to the home page full site is to login to Facebook and navigate to settings and at the bottom you will see a button that says “Full Site” which will take you to the full site on your mobile device. full site|facebook full site|facebook mobile full...

How to access Facebook full site on mobile. This is pretty simple method and you wouldn’t be requiring any technical knowledge to follow this

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Sign up using Facebook.


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Once you get this trick, you can visit facebook's full site with your mobile phone and continue to enjoy computer view of your facebook account.

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