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Если вам нужно повторно запросить разрешение, настройте специальную кнопку и используйте FB.login(), как описано в документации по «Входу через Facebook» для сайтов.

customize Android Facebook Login button - Stack Overflow


i want to customize the look of the facebook login button which we get along with the facebook sdk for android (facebook-android-sdk-3.0.1)...

How to change facebook login button... - Stack Overflow


The method which you are using is rendering login button from the Facebook Javascript code. However, you can write your own Javascript code function to mimic the functionality.

Facebook Login — WordPress Plugins


Free. More than 50.000 downloads. Facebook Login. Simple adds a facebook login button into wp-login.php and let you use facebook avatars, period.

Are Facebook Login Sign In Buttons Worth It?


So many apps these days use social login buttons to “Log In With Twitter” or “Log In with Facebook.”

Custom facebook login button | CSSDeck


Full Screen Result. Embed on your webpage (blogs, articles, etc.) | | Login. × Custom facebook login button.

Part 1 - Integrating Facebook Login button in ASP.NET MVC...


public JsonResult FacebookLogin(FacebookLoginModel model) {.

Facebook Login Button For a Drupal website | Reinis Fischer


At first we must understand what does - Facebook login button stands for? Is it for user mapping - is it getting some fields from users Facebook's profile?

facebook login button html


onlogin="Log.info('onlogin callback')"> </fb:login-button>.

Implementing Facebook login (part 3)


You can't redirect to it conditionally, e.g. if the user has Facebook and clicks the login button, since the login will already trigger the Facebook authorization process.

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