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Permissions Reference - Facebook Login


Permissions Reference - Facebook Login. Each permission has its own set of requirements and suggested use cases.

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Facebook Login Example. Permissions are strings that are passed along with a login request or an API call. Here are two examples of permissions: email - Access to a person's primary email address. user_likes - Access to the list of things a person likes.

Set permission for getting User's email ID from Facebook Login


Now I'm able to get email permission with rest of the publish permission.

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When a user logs into your website through Facebook Login, you can access some of their Facebook data, depending on which permissions you have been granted.

Fb Login Email Permission | Add Facebook Login to Your App


Answer: Permissions with Facebook Login Overview. When a person logs into your app via Facebook Login you can access a subset of that person's data stored on Facebook.

Can I send to email addresses collected using Facebook Login?


When a person opts-in to receive email from a company or contact via Facebook Login, this constitutes permission to send and receive email exclusively from the Facebook application.

Working with Facebook SDK Permissions.


This post explains you how to request Facebook login, permissions,reading user data and updating Wall using Facebook SDK.

Facebook API: Removing Email Permission...


Permission To Get User Email With Facebook SDK? I have a working integration with facebok api via PHP SDK and working login. Now I tried to add the permission for email as well with the following code, but when trying to connect/login to the app the email is not requested.

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Email. SMS. Регистрация.

Login with Facebook using PHP - CodexWorld


App Permission screen will appear every time when the user tries to login in with Facebook.


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