Set permission for getting User's email ID from Facebook Login

Yes, as you suggested I have added email in the permission in User & Friend Permissions.

fb.login email permission

fb.login email permission. by Arun Chandran · September 15, 2014.

Справка - «Вход через Facebook» - Documentation - Facebook...

Справка по разрешениям: «Вход через Facebook». Каждое разрешение имеет собственный набор требований и предлагаемых сценариев использования.

Facebook Login Permissions - Gigya Documentation

When a user logs into your website through Facebook Login, you can access some of their Facebook data, depending on which permissions you have been granted.

Can I send to email addresses collected using Facebook Login?

When a person opts-in to receive email from a company or contact via Facebook Login, this constitutes permission to send and receive email exclusively from the Facebook application.

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Help with Facebook login, gmail login, hotmail login, Twitter Login, Aol Mail.

Working with Facebook SDK Permissions.

This post explains you how to request Facebook login, permissions,reading user data and updating Wall using Facebook SDK.

Please can someone clarify why we have to login twice for email...

facebook.login( appId, callFacebook, {"junk1", "morejunk"}) -- {"email", "user_friends"} ) end. When i ran the above, it just gave me one facebook screen with public_profile permission which I expected.. I then tried the double login...

Best practice for Facebook login flow... :: Sammy Kaye Powers

I get a lot of people asking me about the best practice for Facebook login flow. Most of us are used to logging people in using an email address and a

Facebook not always returning email for user? #61

Same issues with facebook: required email permission, but having users without email from time to time. Frustrating

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