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FB is removing the offline_access token. No solution for this question i guess. No offline_access, token expires in 60days, No access with username and password(AGAINST TOS).

I forgot my Facebook password and email password. - Quora


Phishing : This is a method to create a fake page looking similar to that of Facebook login page, and to send the link to your friend and persuade him in anyway to login through your fake page, which in turn has a script that gives the username and password to you.

Login To Facebook API With Known Username And Password


I want to build a script where I am logged in automatically with a PHP script, updates the status or w/e and then logs out. Using Graph API or FQL would be great was it not that I get a nasty pop-up that I need to login and allow the 'application'.

How do I recover or reset my Facebook username and password?


I have been trying to change my facebooklogin password,the system is not letting me it just keeps putting me right into facebook,I need to change my PassWord Please.

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The Facebook login username is usually the email address that was used in the signup.

Login same facebook account using different username and password


You can use the same username and password for Facebook for other sites but it is not recommended.

Facebook Login Username And Passwords - Mobile Phones


Facebook Login Username And Passwords. you need to register here to get access to all services how to hack a facebook password follow the easy steps below to hack facebook passwords from our website i have a mobile application where i want the user to send to the server his facebook...

Login-with-Facebook users: You need an Imikimi username...


your username and. instructions for setting your password. Login-with-Facebook users: You need an Imikimi username and password.

Facebook usernames and passwords


BangBros account username and password free Premium login bypass hack, BangBros accounts passwords sharing list facebook, twitter, reddit, forum January. The hacked records, discovered by a security firm based in Milwaukee...

Facebook Login


Facebook login username: can either be one of the registered emails of the Facebook account, the Facebook username or a verified mobile phone number. Facebook login password: selected by the user during setup of the email account.

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