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  1. access the full version of facebook's site on your mobile phone browser

    • Sometimes I really need to access the actual FULL FACEBOOK SITE because I can’t do everything using the web app or my iPhones native app.
    • Hi so what do you do if you want it bookmarked on your iPhone screen? How do you make it go to the full screen rather than the mobile site as you mention...


  2. Facebook Full Site with Mobile Login Launch | TMB

    • Access the Facebook full site on your mobile device, simply launch the full site login page and you’re on your way to using Facebook with all the features of the desktop website. If you’re on an iPhone, iPad or Android device it can be annoying that when you go to...


  3. How to use www.facebook.com full site login in your mobile devices? - Harkingbade

    • Facebook login home page full site for mobile devices and tablets access displays the desktop version of the site. Facebook.com login full site new google trick adopted by Facebook.


  4. Facebook Login Full Site Launch On Mobile Phone | TMB

    • If you want to login to Facebook’s full site on your mobile phone it is a bit trickier as Facebook will want to bring you to the mobile site automatically. The easiest way to do it is simply copy and paste or type in exactly this url into your mobile device browser: http...


  5. Facebook Login Home Page Full Site Mobile | TMB

    • This will bring you to the Facebook full site, regardless of whether you’re on a mobile device. It’s harder to read than the mobile version but there’s more functionality in the full site than the mobile site.


  6. How To Visit Facebook's Full Site With A Mobile Phone - Phones - Nigeria

    • Once you get this trick, you can visit facebook's full site with your mobile phone and continue to enjoy computer view of your facebook account.


  7. Facebook Login Welcome Home Page Full Site | TMB

    • You don’t have to be stuck on the mobile version of Facebook with the trick below. The trick below works on any mobile device, from iPhone to iPad to Android. I’ll show you a couple ways to access the Facebook login welcome home page full site on mobile.


  8. 3 Ways To Access Facebook Full Desktop Website On Android

    • There are some simple to use methods which will force your browser to open Facebook full site.
    • It'll open up as a mobile website if you're not logged in, once you've logged into the Facebook, you can see full version of Facebook.


  9. How to access www.facebook.com full website on Mobile | TechQY

    • How to access Facebook full site on mobile. This is pretty simple method and you wouldn’t be requiring any technical knowledge to follow this method. All you have to do is to pick you smartphone and just do what I’ve mentioned in step wise tutorial below.


  10. How to view the full desktop version of the Facebook site from your Android device.

    • Android: View Full Version Of Facebook. Posted on May 21, 2016 by Mitch Bartlett 21 Comments.
    • You’ll then be able to view the full, non-mobile Facebook site and have access to all of the features you would have on your desktop computer right from your Android.