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  1. How To Use The Feng Shui Bagua Map | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • The Feng Shui Bagua uses your space to map your life, identifying the life areas where you need to make key changes. The Bagua Map is Feng Shui’s way of bringing the power of your Intention to your health, intimate relationships, money matters and more.


  2. Ms. Feng Shui | Feng Shui Bagua

    • 2016 Fortunes. Zodiac Sign Calculator. Feng Shui Blog. Services.
    • The Feng Shui Bagua overlays onto the floor plan of a home with the bottom of the Bagua lining up with the wall of the front door.


  3. Business Feng Shui: The Bagua Map For Your Office | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • The Feng Shui Office Bagua concentrates on key sectors of your work life, such as customer communications, your business reputation, and career success. Here’s a brand-new pdf of the Feng Shui Office Bagua, pictured below. Download it now.


  4. How To Use A Feng Shui BaGua Mirror

    • If you ever visit a Chinese Souvenir shop or Feng Shui shop, you'll notice these octagonal shaped mirrors with lines (trigrams representing each section of the BaGua) painted on wood around them.


  5. Feng Shui Bagua | How To Use The Bagua Map To Empower Yourself

    • Feng Shui Bagua Empower yourself with the bagua map.
    • They discovered a predictable pattern resulting in the feng shui bagua map. The bagua chart is broken down into nine areas representing distinct life situations (outlined below).


  6. Feng Shui Bagua Application - Apply the Bagua Map to your Home or Office using the 3 Door Method

    • After you have your Feng Shui Bagua Application Map in place, select the Gua links below to learn how to evaluate and make changes to the specific Life Areas in your home, office, garden or specific rooms.


  7. How to Use a Bagua Map

    • Taken from a more complex use of the traditional feng shui bagua, this shortcut map is often referred to as a cookie cutter type of feng shui since it is used the same way for every house.


  8. Feng Shui Bagua Map displays Life Areas that represent 9 Aspects of Human Life

    • The Feng Shui Bagua Map is sometimes called The Magic Square. The importance is that each small square within the Magic Square represents a Life Area that presents important considerations for us.


  9. Feng Shui Bagua Mirror

    • What is a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror? This type of mirror protects a house or place of business from the negative energy known as shar chi or poison arrows.


  10. 2012-home-bagua | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • August 10, 2016 at 11:08 am. Hello Delphina, Please have a look at my book about the Bagua map, which explains in great detail how to use it.
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