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Unique Feng Shui Blog: 2016 Flying Stars- All the Areas in your Home ..... In 2015 the energy of romance and education is in the Northwest bagua area of ...

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Зоны по фен шуй в детской определяются так же, как и зоны во всей квартире (с помощью компаса и сетки багуа). Для каждой из частей помещения ...

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Personal feng shui birth element chart Loved & pinned by ... element decorating. Understand where, when and how to use feng shui decorating for success.

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Explore Fengshui, Abilities, and more! Карта желаний по фен-шуй .... карта багуа составить: 4 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках ...

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Feng Shui Office Design - No matter whether you operate inside a residence office or for those who have a cubicle inside a corporate atmosphere, you can work ...

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Emmaduckworth/Getty Images. By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert. Share. Pin. Tweet. Submit. Stumble. Post. Share. By Rodika Tchi. Updated January 19, 2017. The feng shui element of the North/Career bagua area is Water, so the cures you will bring have to be either of the Water element...

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The Feng Shui Career sector is located on the front, center wall of the area to be Feng Shui’d. Very often, the Feng Shui Bagua Career sector is sited in the front entryway or foyer.

Feng Shui Bagua Career Gua


Feng Shui Bagua Career Map is useful for locating The Career Area of your Home, Office, Rooms, Garden.

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The original name of this bagua area is Path in Life; in modern times we translate is at Career. Now, if you are new to feng shui, bagua is the ancient feng shui energy map that is used to successfully apply feng shui in any space.

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The feng shui career and journey area of the bagua map represents more than your career, it also represents your purpose in life. By enhancing this area you will improve the flow of your life and can easily find ways to “follow your bliss.”

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Career Area Overview. Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Career side of your surroundings in

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The career area in feng shui encourages us to flow with the current, and trust the buoyancy of the water will support us and move us toward our true work.

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The Feng Shui Bagua uses your space to map your life, identifying the life areas where you need to make key changes.

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Feng Shui Palace | Welcome! Shop in the Career Store. Look center-front to find the career and life path area of your home, site, or office. Proper feng shui in this gua can get you on the path of least resistance.

How to Read a Feng Shui Bagua Map: 6 Steps (with Pictures)


There are multiple ways use feng shui analysis and the bagua map, including the Form, Compass, and Black Hat Sect schools of thought.


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