The Feng Shui Bagua Chart

In Feng Shui, colors play an important role in affecting your surroundings.

Bagua Chart in Black Hat Feng Shui | Color(s)

The bagua chart is used differently in Black Hat Sect feng shui than Traditional feng shui.

Feng Shui Color Chart

What is a Feng Shui Color Chart? In feng shui, when a practitioner refers to a color chart, they generally are referring to the colors associated with each life area of the bagua.

Get To Know the Feng Shui Colour Wheel

Once you know the bagua of your home (or office) and have your feng shui colour wheel, the rest of feng shui work is a breeze.

Feng Shui Bagua Color Chart |

Your Chinese trinity of longevity – a deer and peach. Feng Shui Bagua Color Chart Alternatively it can be a fun journey that one may want to learn about the quiet peacefully making its way downstream.

Feng Shui Bagua | How To Use The Bagua Map To Empower Yourself

The bagua chart is broken down into nine areas representing distinct life situations (outlined below). Working with the bagua map is one of the most powerful ways to create positive changes in your life.

Feng Shui Color Swatches for Rooms in the Home by Life Area

See below the second version of the chart with the Feng Shui swatches for colors recommended per room and life area combination. First find the room on the left and then find what life area of the bagua map that room occupies in your home to see the colors that are recommended.

Fun Shui – Ellen Whitehurst | An Introduction to the Bagua

The bagua (pronounced Ba-gwa) is a color chart with nine boxes.

Feng Shui Basics for Harmony and Balance: Feng Shui for Real Life

Modern approaches to Feng Shui use a grid-shaped chart to map nine areas of your life (see Bagua Map)

Feng Shui Colors are power Feng Shui Cures that shift The Energy...

Applying The Bagua Map as a Feng Shui Color Chart. Attributes of The Bagua Map by Gua. The Career Gua is represented by Black & Dark Blue Colors, The Water Element, North, Winter.

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