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Best Feng Shui Bedroom Color | Bagua Colors


Black Hat sect feng shui practitioners believe that since colors are also found within the elements they represent, then colors must also contain

Get To Know the Feng Shui Colour Wheel


Bagua is a feng shui energy map that divides any space into 8 areas. Each one of these 8 bagua areas has a specific feng shui element that needs to be nourished there for good feng shui. Now, there are 5 feng shui elements, as you probably know, and there are quite a few colours that...

Choosing Best Feng Shui Kitchen Colors


In feng shui, the best choice of colors is defined by the location of your kitchen. The location is determined by the so-called bagua, or feng shui energy map.

Colour as Expression of 5 Feng Shui Elements


The right placement of feng shui colors is defined by the Bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your space. To help you understand how to best express the five feng shui elements in your home or office, let's look at the South feng shui bagua area.

Feng Shui Blue Color Tips for Home or Office


According to the feng shui theory of 5 elements, blue color is an expression of the Water feng shui element.

Feng Shui Map: Colors, Shapes and Objects to Enliven Your Space


Feng Shui Bagua: The elements that govern feng shui.

Feng Shui Ba Gua | The element of south is Fire.


For example, when I go to someone’s home I can tell them what's going on in their lives very quickly by looking at the feng shui bagua map.

Feng Shui Colors | Attributes of The Bagua Map by Gua


I have heard prominent Feng Shui Consultants say that Color even trumps the energy of The Five Elements.

FENG SHUI | BAGUA | Architecture Ideas


Describe each of the guas in the bagua diagram. Here is the summary of the classical feng shui Bagua. Each of the 9 feng shui areas is associated with a direction/location, a feng shui element, a feng shui colour, a feng shui number and life areas associated with it.

The Fire Element: Feng Shui Shapes & Colors, Part 2


On the Feng Shui Bagua Map, Fire is the element of your Fame & Reputation.

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