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  1. Feng Shui Bagua Compass Directions | How To Bagua Map Your Home | Pa Kua Chart

    • The feng shui compass directions and their associations are one of the first things you need to understand in order to practice feng shui. Being one of the main tools used in feng shui to analyze the energy of any given space, bagua (meaning “8 trigrams”...


  2. Feng Shui Form: Bagua Compass and how to place it on a floor plan

    • The Bagua Compass is actually an interpretation of the inner most ring of the large, traditional Lo Pan compass.
    • You are looking to hit the energy flow and so if you are doing this without the help of a Feng Shui expert it can take a little trial and error.


  3. Feng Shui Bagua Map: How to easily align it with your floor plan

    • The feng shui bagua map is the foundation of compass and black hat feng shui and it's easy to learn how to apply it to your space. There are two different ways to do this.


  4. Feng shui: explanation of feng shui, bagua, compass | Feng Shui Artist

    • Different movements have developed, such as the Feng Shui form school or the more recent Feng Shui compass school.
    • Then, using a good-quality compass, you plot the North and the Center and you draw a straight line between the two points, superimposing a kind of bagua, or Pa Kua (you will...


  5. Bagua Octagon | Using a Bagua in Feng Shui

    • The bagua octagon helps determine where certain energies reside in your home. Using a Bagua in Feng Shui.
    • In classic feng shui (Form and Compass Schools) the bagua's importance is secondary to the Flying Stars Analysis.


  6. Bagua Chart in Black Hat Feng Shui

    • Traditional feng shui relies upon the Classical principles of Compass and Shapes and Form School of feng shui, while Black Hat sect practitioners place the bagua chart the same way for each home.


  7. Feng Shui Bagua Styles - Traditional vs Western

    • Which Feng Shui Bagua School is Better? Understand the difference between the two feng shui bagua schools.
    • The classical feng shui bagua requires to first take a compass reading, then define the bagua.


  8. How Do You Read the Feng Shui Compass?

    • Once you have the feng shui compass reading of your front door you will need your floor plan. This wll help you accurately find the center of your home. From there you will define the Bagua (feng shui energy map) of your space.


  9. Do You Know the Feng Shui Compass?

    • Not all of those feng shui compasses are accurate, though, so be sure you know what you are buying. To define the Bagua of your home you do not need a professional feng shui compass, all you need is an accurate compass.


  10. Learn the Bagua Energy Map to improve your life | Get my NEW Ebook for FREE for a limited time! “Feng Shui Tools to Improve Your Life”

    • Based on the Compass School of Feng Shui, one would use a reliable compass and apply the bagua mapping to an entire space or room in a space to evaluate it.