Feng Shui Bagua Formula


How can you activate and enhance your eight life’s aspirations with Feng Shui Bagua Formula? You can increase the presence of the element belonging to the sector governing the life aspiration you wish to enhance.

Feng Shui Bagua Theory


Feng Shui Bagua Chart. Each of the 8 sectors is governed by a trigram taken from the I’Ching.

Feng Shui Bagua Styles - Traditional vs Western


In your feng shui applications, it is important to choose one bagua style and re-create your home (or office) based on it. If you are new to feng shui, do not try to combine both feng shui bagua schools at the same time, as this will lead to confusion.

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The Feng Shui Bagua overlays onto the floor plan of a home with the bottom of the Bagua lining up with the wall of the front door. This is perceived as an example of poor Feng Shui with, among other things, so much of the home outside of the Bagua.

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This App features some of the most popular Feng Shui formulas and theories to help you do just that!

Feng Shui and the Ba Gua Mirror Feng shui


The Post-Heaven formula arrangement of the ba gua has many uses in feng shui but chief among them are travel, relocation, floor plans, and interior design. In this article the ba gua will be discussed as it relates to ba gua mirrors. The ba gua mirror is the ultimate feng shui device to create good...

Bagua Chart in Black Hat Feng Shui


In Traditional or Classical feng shui, the placement of the bagua is governed by the compass readings.

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In the practice of Feng Shui, there are many formulas such as Bagua 8 Aspirations Theory, 8 Mansions and Flying Stars that could help us increase our love luck, improve existing relationship and increase harmony in marriages.

Feng Shui BaGua - Eight Mansions Luck Map


Feng Shui Guide. Change Luck.

9 Feng Shui Steps To Create The Life You Want - mindbodygreen.com


He had a system worked out based on the feng shui bagua map that encompassed engaging a coach in nine separate areas of his life that correlated with the nine areas of this feng shui tool.

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