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Feng Shui Home Bagua Tips for Health


The energy of green color is very healing, thus green is an excellent feng shui energizer for the Health & Family/East bagua area of your home or office. Melanie Acevedo/Getty. By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert. By Rodika Tchi. Updated July 24, 2016.

Ms. Feng Shui | Feng Shui Health | Health Area Overview


Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Health area of your surroundings in combination with improvements made to the complementing areas, you could live a long and healthy life. Because this is the center of the Bagua and touches all other areas of the...

Fun Shui – Ellen Whitehurst | An Introduction to the Bagua


All in harmony. This is the goal of this gua of Feng Shui Health.

Feng Shui Bagua Map - 9 Life Areas


The Feng Shui Bagua Map is sometimes called The Magic Square. The importance is that each small square within the Magic Square represents a Life Area that presents important considerations for us.

The bagua map area of health is at the center of every environment.


Actually, since this bagua area is in contact and affects all the other bagua areas, you should always make sure it is in balance in order to help you balancing the other life areas besides the health one.

Feng Shui Palace | feng shui 101 | bagua | health


Feng Shui Palace | Welcome! Shop in the Health Store. This part of the home is not officially a gua, but more the center of the bagua .

Feng Shui Bagua | How To Use The Bagua Map To Empower Yourself


The feng shui bagua map allows you to focus your intention and enhance the positive energy for a specific area of your life. The best way to use the bagua map is as follows

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Bagua Area - Is Your Wealth or Love...


For helpful tool to apply Feng Shui cures for missing bagua areas click here for our Good Enhancement Bagua.

Feng Shui Elements in Decorating - Play and Learn


With the classical feng shui bagua the deal is easy – here is the bagua graphic that shows you the proper location of each element in its grid.

Meanings of the Feng Shui Bagua Areas


Once you’ve learned how to lay out the ba gua map it will reveal exactly what’s happening in different areas of your life so that you can make changes. Contents. 1 Meanings of the Feng Shui Bagua Areas.

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