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  1. Feng Shui Bagua Map | Activate the Guas with Sparkling Multifaceted Colored Crystals

    • The Feng Shui Bagua Map is a Tool for Identifying and Uplifting Specific Areas in Your Home, Office, Rooms and Garden.
    • Feng-Shui-Vibes Visitor Question on Bagua Application & Colors.


  2. How to Use a Bagua Map

    • BHS feng shui calls this a symbolic bagua map and it's fashioned after the traditional feng shui lo shu. Step One. Print the bagua map above using Adobe Reader.
    • Best Feng Shui Bedroom Color.


  3. Feng Shui Bagua | How To Use The Bagua Map To Empower Yourself

    • Feng Shui Bagua Empower yourself with the bagua map.
    • The feng shui bagua map allows you to focus your intention and enhance the positive energy for a specific area of your life.
    • Feng Shui Colors.


  4. How To Use The Feng Shui Bagua Map | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • The Bagua Map is Feng Shui’s way of bringing the power of your Intention to your health, intimate relationships, money matters and more.
    • Color: purples and golds Good Feng Shui enhancements: — Items that symbolize prosperity to you. — Representations of things for which you feel truly grateful.


  5. Feng Shui Colors | Attributes of The Bagua Map by Gua

    • Feng Shui Colors for uplifting your Chi can be applied by focusing on placement of The Bagua Map Colors throughout the overall structure or on a room-by-room basis.


  6. How to Read a Feng Shui Bagua Map: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

    • There are multiple ways use feng shui analysis and the bagua map, including the Form, Compass, and Black Hat Sect schools of thought.
    • Each area of the bagua has a corresponding color and element which are usually (but not always) listed on the bagua map.


  7. Feng Shui Map: Colors, Shapes and Objects to Enliven Your Space

    • The feng shui map is your guide to creating a harmonious, peaceful and supportive living space as each section of the bagua map has it's own unique qualities and energies. You will enliven and enhance these energies using the colors...


  8. Feng Shui Bagua Map | Using the Bagua Map to fit your house and create success

    • Orienting the feng shui bagua map is really easy, you just need to follow some simple feng shui rules. Usually you align the bagua diagram with the front door. The front door is the mouth of chi—it's where all the energy enters into your home.


  9. Get To Know the Feng Shui Map of Your Home | Related Feng Shui Tips: What Are the 5 Feng Shui Elements? How To Attract Love with Feng Shui Get To Know the Feng Shui Colour Wheel

    • Bedroom -Kitchen -Children’s Rooms -Home Office -Bathroom -Color Tips FENG SHUI SHOP -Buddha -Classical -Modern -Jewelry -2015 Cures -Crystals & Stones -Space Clearing -Love -Health
    • Now, how do you actually define the energy map of your home? This feng shui bagua guide will help you.


  10. Feng Shui Principle | Bagua Map | Architecture Ideas

    • Bagua (Ba-gua) is one of the main Feng Shui tools used by a Feng Shui master, along with a Luo Pan (feng shui compass) to analyze the Feng Shui energy of any
    • This post explains the Bagua map and the eight ‘Guas’. Each of the ‘Guas’ is associated with specific colours, shapes and elements.