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  1. Business Feng Shui: The Bagua Map For Your Office | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • Here’s a brand-new pdf of the Feng Shui Office Bagua, pictured below. Download it now. Review the map clockwise, starting from the area in the center-left (9 o’clock) as you face into your space from the doorway.


  2. The Ultimate Guide to Office Feng Shui | GetVoIP

    • Another office feng shui idea is keeping an organized schedule that segments your work accordingly. For instance, do your paperwork once per day.
    • A bagua map is an ancient instrument used in feng shui developed to help bring overall good Chi energy.


  3. Feng Shui Bagua Map: How to easily align it with your floor plan

    • The feng shui bagua map is used the same way whether laying it over a floor plan of a house, office or a building of any size. It can also be placed over just one room at a time. First Step: Make a Floor Plan.


  4. How To Use The Feng Shui Bagua Map | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • The Feng Shui Bagua uses your space to map your life, identifying the life areas where you need to make key changes.
    • Hi Debbie – Yes, when you use the Form School Bagua Map, which is the one I use, then you ignore the true cardinal directions of the home/office/area.


  5. Feng Shui Bagua Application - Apply the Bagua Map to your Home or Office using the 3 Door Method

    • Steps for easy Feng Shui Bagua Application. First notice that the bottom 3 squares or Life Areas of the Map are labeled
    • 1. Position The Bagua Map over a floor plan drawing that you make outlining the perimeter of your home or office.


  6. Feng Shui Bagua Map

    • Feng Shui Bagua Map for Your Oce. WOOD. Prosperity.


  7. Get To Know the Feng Shui Map of Your Home

    • When applied correctly, this feng shui energy map can accurately show the way to improve your life by working with the energy of your home. (You can also apply the bagua wisdom in your office).


  8. Feng Shui: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Desk to Increase Productivity | Greatist

    • Getting Started: How to Feng Shui Your Desk. One of the basic tools for a feng shui practitioner is the bagua map. It’s a nine-part grid depicting the different areas of a space (home, desk, office, what have you) and how they correspond to different areas of life.


  9. Feng Shui Bagua Map - 9 Life Areas | The Feng Shui Map includes all of the Life Areas of human endeavors. Attract Abundance by placing a Wealth Bag in your Wealth Area in your home or office

    • Take a look at each of the Life Areas, and review the section on this website, The Bagua Map for information on how to apply the Magic Square to your house, office
    • Remember that The Feng Shui Map or Magic Square aligns with your front door across the bottom 3 Guas - Travel & Helpful People...


  10. Feng Shui Your Desk For Success & Productivity | Open Spaces Feng Shui

    • Just as Feng Shui’s Bagua Energy Map applies to a building or room, you can also use it to set up your desk to maximize your productivity, business relationships and success. (Download my exclusive Office Bagua Map here.)