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Feng Shui Tips for Your Missing Career Bagua Area


A big wall mural with water or deep blue colors of the sky, or inspiring art with water element colors are all excellent feng shui solutions for the missing North area of your feng shui bagua. Matt Gray / Getty Images. By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert. By Rodika Tchi.

Feng Shui Your Missing Money Area


Best art for the feng shui purpose of curing a missing bagua area is art that has some depth, or perspective to it, so that a visual pathway is created in the blocking wall of the weak feng shui bagua area. Photo: (c) Environmental Graphics. By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert. By Rodika Tchi.

Feng Shui Bagua - What are the Bagua (Ba-Gua) Missing Areas?


Generally, a feng shui bagua missing area in your floor plan is not completely missing, but rather looks much smaller as compared to other feng shui bagua areas. Bagua Missing Areas Video (youtube.com/rodikatchi). By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert. By Rodika Tchi.

Feng Shui Your Missing Health and Family Area


Wood and water feng shui elements objects such as fountains, decor items in wood element colors and plants are all excellent feng shui cures in the East. Be mindful about using the shapes of the elements to further strengthen the missing Bagua area. Photo: (c) Target. By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert.

Your Guide to Feng Shui Bagua Missing Areas


Explore easy tips for missing bagua areas of your home. See how you can balance the energy of these areas with simple and logical feng shui cures.

Feng Shui Tips for the Missing Love Bagua Area


Focus on finding art that speaks to you about true and nourishing love. Be mindful about the colors in your art as a feng shui cure and avoid strong water, metal or wood element colors in the Southwest feng shui bagua area. Inti St.Clair / Getty Images. By Rodika Tchi. Feng Shui Expert. Share. Pin.

Compensate For A Missing Bagua Sector... | Open Spaces Feng Shui


In my previous post about Feng Shui for missing Bagua areas, we looked at adjustments you can make outside your home to create a “whole Bagua.”

Feng Shui Bagua Map | Using the Bagua Map to fit your house...


Place a mirror, light or other feng shui cure on the indented wall or wall closest to the missing bagua area. If there are windows in the area, you can also place a crystal in the window to enhance and circulate the chi.

Feng Shui Bagua Application - How to Apply the Bagua Map


Steps for easy Feng Shui Bagua Application. First notice that the bottom 3 squares or Life Areas of the Map are labeled

Feng Shui Cures For Missing Bagua Area - Is Your Wealth or Love...


For helpful tool to apply Feng Shui cures for missing bagua areas click here for our Good Enhancement Bagua.


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