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1 kb ladder fermentas sm0311

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Fermentas Restriction Endonucleases Activity. © 2002 Fermentas CANADA MBI FERMENTAS INC. 830 Harrington ... GeneRuler™ 1kb DNA Ladder #SM0311/2/3 1.0% agarose bp 0.5µg/lane, 3000 2500 2000 ... - Figure

Cleavage was carried out as described in Methods. (A) Partial digestion controlled by serial enzyme dilutions. Lane M1, Fermentas 100 bp DNA Ladder (selected bands marked); lane M2, Fermentas 1 kb DNA Ladder (selected bands marked); Lane K, undigested genomic DNA; lanes 1–4...


M, Molecular marker (Fermentas 1 kb Plus ladder); Lane 1, IRBL9-w (Positive control); Lane 2, CO39 (Negative control); Lanes 3-34, Thirty two accessions of rice germplasms. The PCR product were resolved in 1.5% agarose gel and stained with ethidium bromide.

Fermentas 1kb Ladder

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Library Preparation for Illumina Sequencing

Cleanup Kits: Ampure Store in +4oC: Fermentas 1kb Ladder, Low Mass Ladder Phusion DNA polymerase, NEB Cat# F-531 (-20oC for long term storage) Store in -200C: Fragmentase Enzyme, NEB Cat# M0348S End Repair Module, NEB Cat# E6050S Klenow Fragment... Experimental Medicine I, NFZ...

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Pin Fermentas 1 Kb Generuler Mass Ladder Cat No Sm0311...

Kb DNA Ladder For Sizing And Approximate Quantification Of A Wide.

Figure 9 - Cloning and chloroplast-targeted expression studies...

Lane 1: 1 kb DNA ladder (Fermentas); Lane 2: Negative control MNH-786; Lane 3-6: 565bp Cry1Ac from pKian-1 plants; Lane 7: Positive control plasmid pKian-0.

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