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Please refer to www.fermentas.com for Material Safety Data Sheet of the product.

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High-quality protein molecular weight markers without the high price. The trusted protein ladder products from Fermentas are now available as part of the Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Research Product line. Made using highly respected Fermentas technology, our protein ladder products offer...

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Lane M1, GeneRuler™ 1 kb DNA Ladder (Thermo Fisher Scientific (Fermentas); selected bands marked); lane K, undigested PCR fragment; Lanes 1–7, samples were digested with decreasing amounts of TsoI as described in (A); lane M2, GeneRuler™ 100 bp Plus DNA Ladder...

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Bio-Rad. Description. McGill Price. 40% Acrylamide/Bis Solution, 37.5:1, 500 ml.

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GeneRuler 1 kb DNA Ladder Fermentas GeneRuler 1kb DNA Ladder 250ug (0. The ladder is premixed with blue and . Deadwood streamed online 1 kb DNA Ladder GeneRuler to quantify cDNA - Yahoo Answers.



M, Molecular marker (Fermentas 1 kb Plus ladder); Lane 1, IRBL9-w (Positive control); Lane 2, CO39 (Negative control); Lanes 3-34, Thirty two accessions of rice germplasms. The PCR product were resolved in 1.5% agarose gel and stained with ethidium bromide.

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I'm using a new ladder of fermentas for the visualization of big size fragments. This ladder starts in 250 pb and ends in 10 kb and I need a perfect separation of the bands in a gel of 0.8 %. Has anyone ever used this ladder?

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