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FOSCAM, please include an option to disable myfoscam.org DDNS setting, as many people do not need this setting and do not want you knowing what IP's are being used, etc.

Foscam Forum • View topic - Security Concern with MyFoscam.org


What all of you need that LIKE your cameras checking in with Foscam's DDNS service need to consider is what happens when they shut that down myfoscam.org service or it becomes unreachable?

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I believe that this tells me the myfoscam.org DDNS no longer works.

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In my home I use five Foscam cameras and their use for the DDNS ... myfoscam.org ..., I would like to know if the use is free if it is limited or unlimited? In the latter case, how long the free period and how much it will cost after that?

Foscam Forum • View topic - Security Concern with MyFoscam.org


The myfoscam.org ddns was hard coded to my camera.

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foscam forum • view topic - security concern with myfoscam org Results 1 - 50 of 160 7 Dec 2012 I Have A Fi8910w With Firmware 11 37 2 48 Under Manufacturer's Ddns Then Manufacturer's Domain, There Is A Link To Xxxxxx Myfoscam Org. http...

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MyFoscam Cloud.

Exploiting Foscam IP Cameras | 3.4 CVE-2014-1849 (DDNS Poisoning)


Foscam provides their customers a value-added service with a dynamic domain name system (DDNS) for its cameras. The names follow a rigid naming scheme of the form “XXYYYY.myfoscam.org”, where XX are alphabetic characters and YYYY is a 4 digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999.

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foscam ddns myfoscam.org. . . IP камеры Foscam - IP камеры Foscam foscam.ru. Поставка китайского OEM-оборудования IP-видеонаблюдения под торговой маркой Foscam.

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Each Foscam camera has an embedded unique DDNS domain name, the format of this domain name is xxxxxx.myfoscam.org. On the bottom of the camera, you can see the domain name sticker with this information on it.

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