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Gary Johnson Got 10% In FOX News' Latest Poll, 2nd Time Double...

FOX News included Gary Johnson in their most recent general election poll up against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Their nationwide poll had Gary Johnson at 10% which is his second double digit showing.

FOX News (5/14-5/17 2016) | 2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Poll Update. Barack Obama Favorable Rating - Favorable 50%, Unfavorable 47% (FOX News 5/14-5/17).

2016 Trump vs. Clinton Presidential Election Polls

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2016 Elections: Campaign News, Polls, Results, Debates... - POLITICO

Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on 2016 Elections.

After Brexit, Is It Possible U.S. Polls... | Fox News Insider

In the lead-up to the Brexit vote, most polls and pundits predicted that the United Kingdom would vote to remain in the European Union.

Poll: Trump Beats Hillary in General Election Match-Up - Breitbart

A new FoxNews poll shows GOP frontrunner Donald Trump edging Hillary Clinton in a general election match-up.

Nationwide opinion polling for the United States presidential election...

This page lists nationwide public opinion polls that have been conducted relating to the 2016 United States presidential election between prospective Democratic and Republican candidates. The two major party candidates will be chosen at the Democratic National Convention and Republican...

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